by Saligia

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released November 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Saligia Norway

Ahzari - Voices & Strings
V. - Drums

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Track Name: FIRE: Tear apart the veil
In the beginning there was life and death
an opposing consciousness in an infantile reality -
to wander these patterns - never for long,
yet these were to be Walls that ruptured!
As the pendulum gathers momentum - back and forth!
frames within are shaken
and a layer revealed - once enshrouded,
bursting through!
and in the distant mist came forth
a fiery agent of enlightenment!

Harsh was the awakening,
as the sun shone into eyes that had been held in utter darkness;
for sudden came sickness! and on horse followed DEATH!
All order cease as we are cast down the funnel
that holds all truth - and chaos ensues!

To you; who dare not speak its name
who fear to understand
and tear apart the veil,
I utter the word!


Riding winds of fire, as black smoke fills the lungs
Choking on the sheer immensity - of hell on Earth
The utmost of sacrifices
through the longest of nights

Shaking the pillars that once held the sky;
our father is Death and to live is to die

Light the fires
and torch the world
Set aflame the skyline
And burn away birth!

Burn me with the fire that burnt them
Killing the fruit by tearing the stem

Take me through the unknown
Drag me beyond the stars
And I shall crawl from the ashes
I just need the fire lit
Track Name: REVELATION: A sign reveals
You who require a sign;
look around you!
The revelation
of absolute nothingness!

You uphold the self-deceit!
and do not, but say;
you get down on your knees
and pretend to pray!

You are dogs in the desert,
you are feathers in wind
Slaves serving hidden masters

To be the center of a universe
and not act as a god
in a betrayal of your central essence

Show me something real
then tell me something true
Make me understand
What is part of you

Eyes open, eyes close
And a century has expanded within the course

Let the night sky arch her back
to grant you a kiss
for then to catch a glimpse
of utmost completion and unparalleled bliss

See the light
and BE the light
and set a throne in the halls of your masters
in the heart of your Lord!
Track Name: ABYSS: In darkness forge alight
There is a shadow and a presence that embodies at dusk
Filling a weary being, eradicating all the eyes are seeing!

Twisting and slithering in the nethers of thought
pouring out onto the table all that doubt has brought!

The uncertainties of spirit, seeping through horrid screams
Riding tremors of panicked logic - bursting at the seams!

Now dance in that abyss whence knows no day nor night
I dwelled long in the darkness and therein forged a light!

The deepest of beyond - fall into this grave!

Feel its darkness envelop you. And bellow from the deepest pit
Shine on me, for I have yet to see the other side of thee

All that you call certainty to me remains a mystery!

Pallid hands choking me! The absent chorus deafening!
Oppressing pledge of liberty! Proclaiming falsely "I am free"

And when you have passed through the fires
shedding all unnecesseary weight
Come join in all the pleasures waiting
in the final dissolution and the utmost state

Now sing me the song that you wrote for me
Convince me of its lone sonority
Make me believe that its never been sung before

Adorn the dress of midnight sky
and dance with me until we die
Be the promise and reckoning
and never cease to sing!
Track Name: VOICES: Her hidden darkness
Far away within
beaneath the temple of memories!
Where all regret and turmoil are woven thick
into a flaccid cloak
that drags behind my every staggering step -
towards the next failure!

Intense denial - as a mantra!
Time rains hard with apathy
And then a spark,
and then a fire!

Her manic dance, her hidden darkness
Our secret chamber, our crumbling temple!

Our isolation, our flame - burning fast;
all ashes raining from the stars

When the poison is tearing through the nerves,
burning as their voices that haunted you since birth
When all matter cease, my eternally stretched hand
grasping out, holding only sand

As I gaze out to the abyss,
our eyes do not meet;
the dance on the night sky
that your silence complete!

And as my crown is lowered;
my bones will shake with anticipation
for this joyous dance with Death,
decay and misery
in longing for the day
my chains are broken and my heart set free
From all the weight of dragging this entire universe
on shoulders now not bearing the weight of a feather!
Track Name: FØNIX: Flame coronation
As I stand prepared, hungry as can be
to delve into the greatest of mysterie
Stretching my wings unto the burning night sky
As ground vapours and shoreless seas beneath me lie

Cleanse my body
and rinse my spirit
Bathe me in the blood and tears
of wisdom outside of time itself
Prepare me for the undertaking
of this, my longest journey

As I glide into the last of nights
And have fought the last of earthly fights

Of regrets there is none
only the endless ecstacy
of the knowledge of utmost liberty
awaiting on the other side

As I have drank the last of morning dew
And buried pleasures deep in you
My eyes have closed and mind has set
My brow has glimmered with achievements sweat

Wings stretching around the corners of the earth
Enveloping all that once had worth
And as the final sun sets on my horizon
There is only joy

A spark is born and fires feed
On the carnal vessel I have freed
I breathe in the incense of this new sensation
as hungry tongues bring forth my coronation

And there are no last words,
but profound silence
As Aurora and Sophia take my ashes
through the roaring waters
at the end of all

As smoke vapours in the longest night
The phoenix leaps to flight

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